1. Have you discussed things with your relative and, have you included close family members in this? It’s an extremely sensitive matter and many people shy away from raising the subject, but you will feel so much better when you have, and more importantly, feel more assured that you are making the right decision.
  1. What type of care is needed? A care home may be the best solution for many, but equally it could be care at home, or even sheltered accommodation.
  1. If the choice is a care home, what type of home is most suitable? Some people will require nursing care, for example, rather than purely residential ‘personal’ care. And for others, specialist dementia care may be needed. The trauma of moving home can be very upsetting, so making the right choice in the first instance is vital.
  1. How much will it all cost, and how will it be paid for? The cost of a care home can vary enormously, depending on the type of care required, the quality of accommodation and which part of the country you are considering. Anything from £30,000 to £70,000 per annum is typical.
  1. Do you need to take any financial advice? Your loved one might live, say, for 10 years in a home. Towards the top end of the scale this could cost in excess of £500,000. However, there are financial ‘insurance linked’ packages available which can guarantee lifetime tenure.
  1. Assuming you are acting on behalf of a parent or elderly relative, do they have a will in place and, has an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) been arranged? Without an LPA in place, it is not possible to make decisions on behalf of a loved one, even if they have told you their wishes, and an LPA must be put in place while your relative has the necessary faculties to sign all the documentation.
  1. Do you feel confident about the whole process of finding a care home and, are you 100% confident that you are able to make the right choice? Whether you are seeking a care home, or even care at home or sheltered accommodation, Care Home Finder can help you make the decision that is right for you and your loved one.