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Finding a care home

Maybe you live some distance from your elderly relative and are therefore unfamiliar with care homes in the area. Perhaps the need for a care home has arisen quite suddenly, following a short period in hospital. Or maybe this is the first time in your life that you have been in this position and you simply feel you need some help and advice in making such an important decision.

Our care home finding facility is an affordable service, designed to help you find a suitable care home, without having the worry and stress of doing it yourself. Within 48 to 72 hours of receiving a call or email and discussing your needs, we will undertake all the necessary research, including phone calls to each of the homes on the short list. We will then come back to you with a comprehensive report, providing you with all the advice and information you need to be able to make the right choice.


We can also help with the following care services.

Specialist help for Dementia Care

In cases of mild or early stage dementia, most care homes and ‘care at home’ providers are willing and able to provide the appropriate level of support and care. For people with more advanced degrees of dementia, there are homes which specialise in providing this type of care – which we can advise on.

Having a good understanding of which providers are suitably qualified and which are not is crucial in being able to deliver the right advice. In this regard we have ‘Dementia Champion’ status at Care Home Finder, which ensures you will be in safe hands.

Specialist help for Respite Care

If you care for a loved one at home, the stresses and strains build up over time and you may feel you need a break. Respite care, which may last a week or two or even longer, means that the relative can be cared for in a suitable care home on a temporary basis with the reassurance that they are being well looked after. We can help you find that appropriate environment. This also applies if they need convalescence after an illness or spell in hospital before they return home.

Hospital discharge service

Elderly people can often find themselves in hospital for an extended period, due to a fall, accident or illness. At some point, they are assessed as being fit for discharge, but may be unable to look after themselves at home. In these situations we can help them and their families either to find a care home or to source a suitable ‘care at home’ solution.

Reviewing Current Care Services

Sometimes families are worried that the care solution in place for an elderly relative may be inadequate in some way. We offer a review service of the current care facility to assess whether or not there is an issue, and if so, what could be done to improve the situation. We can then help you find an alternative care solution.

Care at home

Many people prefer to remain in their own home, rather than receive care elsewhere. There is a wide choice of ‘care at home’ providers across the UK, from self-employed individuals through to large, national companies, all of whom are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We can help you find the one that suits you best.

Care services around the clock

In some situations, the individual seeking care may need assistance around the clock. If they wish to remain at home, we can provide you with information, including prices, about the organisations and individuals who are able to provide a well-rated and caring ‘live in’ service.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a type of residential care, which involves an individual or couple residing independently in a specialised complex, with care facilities available if and when required. There is a very wide range of options available, on which we are able to provide advice and recommendations, based on your needs.

Services for Expats

If you are an expat living or working abroad, looking for care options for an elderly relative, we can provide you with a tailored solution, whether for care at home or in a care home. Alternatively, you may be based in the UK, with elderly parents living abroad, who now need to return to the UK and some kind of care. We can help here as well.

What you will receive

Whatever service you choose, we will undertake all the necessary research and come back to you quickly with a comprehensive report, enabling you to make an informed choice.

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Client feedback

“I cannot praise Care Home Finder highly enough for their help, without which, my father would still be in hospital and my mother struggling at home with whatever care we could pay for or provide ourselves.  The whole process was taken out of our hands, which relieved stress on the family and ensured my parents the best care possible.”

Vic I, Wakefield

“Care Home Finder, having initially helped us with sourcing suitable domiciliary care for both my parents, then provided us with a detailed shortlist of suitable care homes. Following this, they went on to visit some of the homes with us, which meant we were able to make a well informed decision on the final choice”

Geraldine B, North Yorkshire

“When we needed to urgently find a care home for our mum, Fiona provided us with all the guidance we needed.  She was caring, understanding, very approachable and extremely knowledgeable about care homes and we really appreciated her unbiased advice.”

Denise F, Wimbledon

“Thank you so much for setting me on the right track to finding a nursing home for my mum. You certainly made a daunting task a lot easier and took a weight off my mind. If I am ever in this position again, or hear of friends who need help, I will definitely be recommending they contact you”.

Alan J, Doncaster