Frequently Asked Questions


This largely depends upon what capital you have and if your assets, which may include your property, are calculated as being above £23,250. In most cases you’ll be expected to fund your own care yourself. Care home funding is quite a complex issue and we can steer you towards sources of advice if you need more information.
Not necessarily. Your local authority may lend you the money to pay for your care, charged against your property value.

Selling your property is of course an option you may consider if you are funding your own care, but in all cases independent financial advice should be taken as everyone’s circumstances are different.

Alternatively you could consider letting your property, though this may not provide the guaranteed level of income required and you will still have the responsibility and costs for maintaining the property.

We believe that making sure you have the right advice is key, so we can refer you to our panel of expert independent financial and legal advisors, each with excellent qualifications and expertise in the elderly care market.


Our initial consultation is free and allows us to better understand your needs and provide you with guidance. Once you decide that you would like our help, our charges are based on an hourly rate of £75 per hour. As our service is bespoke, we can do as little, or as much as you need. If you have long distances to cover, we can reduce the time you need to spend on your search, visiting fewer, more suitable homes.

Your social worker can usually provide a list of local care homes, but they may not be able to visit the homes for you or with you and they may be limited by cost and time restraints as to how much help they can provide.


Homes can change very rapidly, for example with new ownership, management, capital investment etc, so up to date information is critical. Everyone’s need is individual and preferences are different, whether it is the setting, style of building or type of care provided. We consider these needs, preferences and other factors which are important to you and identify the care homes with the facilities which are most suitable.
We don’t recommend a specific home, but we do provide sufficiently detailed information for you to be able to make an educated decision.

We can also help you should you need specific questions asking, or would like us to visit the home on your behalf and report back to you. This is invaluable if you or your relatives are a long way away.

Alternatively, we can arrange to take you around some of the homes to get a feel for whether they would suit you.


It’s bang up to date.

Other sources can often be up to 2 years out of date, because they base their information on the most recent CQC data which can sometimes be quite old.

Conditions in a care home can change significantly in a matter of weeks in our experience, for example if there is a change in manager, or ownership, so it’s vital to have the very latest information.

Here at Care Home Finder we make contact with every care home on your consideration list – whether that’s a phone call or visit – which means it’s right up to date

That’s what makes us unique.

Yes our service is specifically designed to help older people who require residential or nursing care, including dementia and we are all ‘Dementia Friends’.
We can make phone calls to however many homes you wish, and ask a series of specific questions, so that you can make like for like comparisons. Alternatively, we can include this as part of the process if we carry out visits to homes on your behalf.
Yes, that’s no problem at all. In fact we often provide our services to people who live in another part of the UK or abroad.
Yes. We have no allegiance to any care home, which enables us to provide completely impartial assistance to you.
We are all experienced in the care sector and are committed to help you make this transition from home to care home as stress free as possible. We care about our clients and pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide a personal service which can make this life changing move easier.

Yes, we provide advice on assisted living, extra care and sheltered housing options.

We have access to details of domiciliary care providers, all of whom are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), including people and organisations who will provide 24 hour a day care in your own home. If you wish to go down this route, we can provide you with a fully researched report, identifying those providers most closely matching your requirements.

We can provide you with a list of care homes which are able to offer respite care for as long as is needed, together with a report covering those most suitable for your needs.

Yes, we can review the current care provision and assess whether or not there maybe an issue and discuss with you the options available.


Please contact us with your enquiry and we shall be happy to point you in the right direction for more information.
Clean, Safe, Friendly, Caring…These are just some of the many things to take into account and Care Home Finder can help ask the right questions.

Didn’t find the answer your were looking for? Contact our experts.

Everyone’s requirements are very individual and we are therefore very flexible in our approach, and deal with every situation on a bespoke basis.