This is a note from a grateful family who we carried out a search for earlier this year. Although we like to think that we do a great job, it’s always so good when we get compliments from a client, like the one below, which came completely out of the blue. We are proud of the support Care Home Finder gives people at what is a very stressful time. We don’t just provide you with a list of care providers, we do all the research and assessment for you and give you an easy to understand report, so that you can make an informed decision on the right care for your loved one.

Dear Fiona,

I thought I would give you some feedback after my last email on 16th April, when Patricia had been transferred from hospital to the nursing Home. I’m delighted to say that Patricia has settled in well and is now comfortable there. Unfortunately, the Alzheimer’s has progressed; Patricia’s cognitive skills are impaired, her store of memories, which she relies on as a link and to make sense of the present, is diminishing and rather unreliable for her.

The family have kept up about 2 visits each week, despite the limits and restrictions of Covid. The young caring staff keep her cheerful, well cared-for, occupied with simple activities and comfortable. Following a referral to the Mental Health Services (including insistence by the Manager that prompt action was needed) Patricia’s earlier anxieties and difficult behaviour have been resolved.

I remain grateful to you for the survey and your recommendations and the confidence it gave us to make the right choice for Patricia.

PR, Surrey