Paying for elderly care – more options than you may think

It's a little known fact that for some people, even those with significant assets, being in a care home can be completely free, courtesy of the NHS. It works like this. Some people, often after they've lost a spouse, decide they'd prefer to live in a residential home, rather than at home. There may not [...]

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I met someone last week who told me a story about her grandfather, whose dementia condition had been worsening to such an extent that sadly he could no longer continue living on his own at home. So while my new acquaintance was working abroad, her parents had found a care home for him, and by [...]

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Dementia & Christmas Tree Lights What Do They Have In Common?

As a volunteer Dementia Friends Champion, I run sessions for the public and businesses to help raise awareness of dementia. A small part of the session is based on the analogy of dementia and a set of Christmas fairy lights to explain fairly simply how dementia affects everyone differently. Just before Christmas many people will [...]

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